Professional Services

Professional ServicesRight person at the right time" that's what people want from a Professional services provider and that's what UFT delivers. UFT is amongst the best-known Professional service provider specializing in the deputation of personnel as per the client's requirements. UFT helps you to reduce your Administrative & HR resources; thus maintain a Lean & an Effective workforce. Thus UFT offers Total Customer Satisfaction.

UFT Service Offerings :

  • CAD / CAM / CAE
  • Mainframe Technology
  • Software Testing
  • SAP, Java, J2EE
  • Embedded Systems


We are committed to invest into research, training, and development for new technologies and tools so that we can implement the right solutions for your unique situation. We have team of professionals from a variety of industrial backgrounds and expertise in various technologies, tools and domains.

Technology refers to all tools and procedures and their interconnections. It is the state of knowledge and development at any given time of our control of our surroundings, and includes all tools (utensils, devices, machinery, inventions, and structures), all methods (skills, processes, and techniques), and all applied materials (both raw and manufactured). Technology can advance over time, as people improve upon or replace the technologies that come before.

Infrastructure, most generally, is a set of interconnected structural elements that provide the framework supporting an entire structure. The term has diverse meanings in different fields.

Quality of something depends on the criteria being applied to it. Something might be good because it is useful, because it is beautiful, or simply because it exists. Determining or finding quality therefore involves an understanding of use, beauty and existence.

Individuals or actions that encroach upon the condition of protection are responsible for the breach of security. A secure system is a system which does exactly what we want it to do and nothing that we don't want it to do even when someone else tries to make it behave differently.

Client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason. This concept is commonly provided for in law in most countries.

Data security is the means of ensuring that data is kept safe from corruption and that access to it is suitably controlled. Thus data security helps to ensure privacy. It also helps in protecting personal data.

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