Systems Applications Products (SAP)

UFT has over 14 years of experience in delivering excellence in IT services in Packaged and Custom Developed Software.

Along with its channel partners, UFT has been serving its SAP clients across multiple industries like Retail, Fashion, Automotive, Chemicals and Resources.

Services Offered :

  • SAP Implementation Services
  • SAP Development & Enhancement Services
  • SAP Basis & Security Services
  • SAP Maintenance Services
SAP Services

Delivery Methodology :

With a very strong Lean thinking attitude, UFT has devised a methodology to deliver SAP services at an optimal cost.

Using our rich delivery experience, we recognize that SAP implementations will need a combination of Waterfall and Agile (couple with lean thinking) to realize a business case.

Our methodology has been devised to utilize the best of both waterfall and agile delivery methods. We use ASAP methodology as a guiding principle for the lifecycle of an implementation while bring in a very strong Agile thinking during the realization phase. This has helped us optimize the cost of the realization phase while ensuring the best quality and value for our clients.

People :

At UFT, we strongly believe that people are our biggest asset. We spend significant amount of time and money to acquire, develop and enrich our team. We have a strong team of 100+ SAP professionals with an average experience of over 6 yrs of experience. The team is led by leaders with over two decades of experience in multiple life cycles of implementation in various geographies around the globe.

Along with a very strong SAP skill development, we also emphasize on developing entrepreneurial attitude and hence fostering innovation as well as optimized delivery attitude.

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